//// BRKfest is a 2 to sometimes 3 day festival showcasing musicians and artist that make music with old machines and hardware / software as a deliberate aesthetic choice-- many people refer to the form of music as 'chiptunes' or 'chip music' or even more simply as 'video game music/VGM'.  BRKfest is designed to showcase their talents to audiences in the midwest and to elevate artists who may have never played live before with their independent music projects and pair them with some of the heavier hitting players of the chip music scene.  

//// BRKfest was formed in 2012 but Curtis Ware (solarbear) and Andrew Gould (andaruGO), with some additional guidance by Hunter Quinn after a live event with a paltry 6 people (including girlfriends).  We wanted to make a great how-- we wanted to make a show where we could show people that this was something worth celebrating and coming together to do -- as a family in diaspora, this has been the case with Blip festival NYC, MAGfest, PAX, 8static, LWLVL, Little Sound Assembly and countless others that have come and gone and will inevitably bring forth new festival entities as the DIY aesthetic permeates more able-bodies.    BRK aims to be part of that tradition, and it also aims to challenge the status quo established by the entities it associates with.  BRKfest has and always will be 'a little different' from the rest because sometimes you have to say 'no' to everything you think that you need or want-- and say 'yes' to what you know the world needs-- BRKfest aims to be that impact, which is why we always try our hardest to make our shows the most accessible they can be.  We are going to try to become an all ages event-- we are going to try to make the events free every year.  These are the goals we have in mind-- but you can't always get what you want ! (so sometimes you have to pay $10 for a weekend of music, which could be waaayy worse, right ?? hahahaha!)

//// BRKfest is operated solely by Andrew Gould

//// All artwork for BRKfest 2016 provided by Andrew Tremblay (he is accessible for commissions, and welcomes them)